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young girl examined by Alamo CA optometristNot only do optometrists perform a variety of eye tests to determine different eye conditions and their evolution, but they also prescribe glasses and contact lenses to help people manage their eye conditions better. Although Alamo CA optometrists offer their services in virtually any field related to eye care, some of them choose to specialize in post-operative care – in that case, their duty is to closely monitor the evolution of the treatment as well as to prescribe additional treatment, if the patient requires it.

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What Does An Optometrist Do?

Optometrists deal with a variety of eye-related tasks, from testing the visual acuity of the patients to diagnosing various eye diseases, administering the necessary treatment and monitoring the evolution of the eye condition in question.

What Are The Requirements For Becoming An Optometrist?

female optometrist in Alamo

female optometrist in Alamo

The first and perhaps most important step in order to become an optometrist is enrolling in a four-year training program in Alamo CA provided by an accredited university.

All students that have chosen to enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree program are required to take an pass the OAT, most commonly known as the Optometry Admission Test.

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The program coursework for those who have enrolled in a three or four year-long Bachelor’s Degree program in order to become licensed optometrists is quite varied: students are required to complete courses in various fields, from physiology and chemistry to biology and even laboratory science. However, those who want to get a Ph.D in Optometry will undergo extensive training in advanced optometry and human physiology, vision science, developmental optometry and other similar subjects.


On average, a licensed and skilled optometrist can make as much as $100,000 on a yearly basis.

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